Landbank Philippines Downtime Advisory
June 20, 2017
July 19, 2017

The following guidelines shall govern the implementation of the Public Assistance Desk (PAD) in the Municipal Government of Lingayen: 

  1. The Municipal Government of Lingayen through the Human Resource Management Office shall institute a Public Assistance Desk (PAD)
  1. The Human Resource Management Office shall designate a Public Assistance Desk Officer (PADO) who shall man the PAD from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. from among employees of different offices.
  1. Every Office shall be scheduled by the HRMO to take charge of the PADO on a rotational basis every month. Chiefs of Offices shall designate an employee to man the PADO during their scheduled Tour of Duty.
  1. The PAD shall have the following tasks and responsibilities, to wit:
    • Request Clients to sign the Visitor’s Logbook
    • Distribute a Client Satisfaction Survey (CSS) form to be filled up by clients
    • Accomplish the Summary Report Form and submit the same to the HRMO before the end of Office hours every Friday
    • Act as building manager who shall report problems immediately relative to building maintenance (i.e. busted bulbs/lights; leaking roofs; broken chairs) to the Municipal Engineering office for appropriate action
    • Refer urgent complaints and issues to concerned Chief of Office or Personnel
  1. The Human Resource Management Office shall have the following responsibilities:
    • Consolidate the PADO’s Weekly Summary Report
    • Prepare a Monthly PAD Report and furnish a copy of the same to the Office of the Mayor and the Municipal Administrator
    • In cases of complaints, the Office shall discuss the issues with the concerned employee’s Chief of Office
    • The Chief of Office shall act on the complaint informing the HRMO of the action taken
  1. Employees who are subjects of complaints shall be sanctioned by the HRMO in the following manner:
    • First offense- Written Reprimand. Employee shall be required to submit an explanation in writing in 24 to 36 hours
    • Second offense- Refer the matter to the Municipal Administrator
    • Third offense- refer the matter to the Civil Service Commission
  1. The Client Satisfaction Survey designed for this purpose shall assess the following dimensions:
    • Quality of Service
    • Service Provider
    • Physical Working Conditions
  1. The HRMO shall design the necessary forms and tools for this program
  1. The HRMO shall monitor and evaluate the program’s implementation quarterly
  1. A review of the processes involved shall be conducted annually to ensure continuous improvement
  1. The PAD shall take effect on September 1, 2014

The Municipal Mayor and Chiefs of Offices shall be furnished with copies of these implementing guidelines prior to implementation


Download the PDF file and CLIENT SATISFACTION SURVEY, click here.

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