The Mayor

The Mayor’s Message

Mayor Lingayen

The present generation’s accelerated pace of globalization and the searing stride of innovation fueled by the computer revolution has afforded strong impetus to strive for good governance through greater accountability, transparency and honesty. Admittedly, our citizens are more empowered in a sense as access to almost any kind of information lies at their fingertips.

This new found sense of empowerment has translated to a more demanding and exacting public who do not find satisfaction with what is good enough and demand more for every cent’s worth of their hard-earned money. The same is true with the taxes they pay. They clamor for better services.

These and many other technological developments has compelled the Municipal Government to revive the Municipal Website with more features and more information. The Municipal Website is a humble attempt to open the Municipal government to the community, to the country and to the world.

Truly, our government is hobbled by systems, practices and values that have seen better days, hence to satisfy the increasing demand for better public services, technological reforms are necessary because they are perceived to improve the workings of public institutions like ours. More specifically, technology seeks to reinforce the people’s trust in their government as we strive for more transparency and more accessibility to government information and research data.

I hope that we will achieve our objective in creating this website, for the citizenry to know their government through the click of a finger.


Municipal Mayor