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          For CY 2021 Lingayen has an annual income of ₱344,946,555.51. Particularly, the National Tax Allotment from the National Government is ₱256,081,089.96 or 74.24%, the Local Tax Revenue at ₱40,052,728.81 or 11.61%, Non-Tax Revenue at ₱48,276,201.88 or 14% and the other Income of ₱536,534.86 or 0.16% of the total income. This means that the LGU is 74.24% dependent on the National Tax Allotment (NTA) and has quite increased compared to 73.27% from the previous year due to the pandemic effect brought by the Covid-19 Virus. With the Holistic Covid-19 Recovery of Lingayen, establishment of various businesses and in accordance with the current state, the amendment of revenue generating ordinances such as the Revenue Code, Local Investment Incentive Code, Market and Slaughterhouse Code, the local income will be expected to dramatically increase.

Trading and Business

          In 2021, there were 1,748 business establishments registered in the LGU. There are 20 banks, 24 pawnshops, 5 supermarkets, 10 inns/hotels and resorts, 7 major fastfood chains, 12 drugstores, 37 bagoong industries, and countless other business establishments offering a wide range of services to the public. Major investments are still expected to arise in the area due to its business-friendly policies. Unfortunately, the presently limited commercial space cannot accommodate all investors, hence it is a challenge for the local government to develop commercially-viable areas.


          Lingayen is a first-class municipality with a flat terrain and soil that is suitable for agriculture. Bounded by an 11.5-kilometer coastline facing the Lingayen Gulf and traversed by the Agno River, the municipality is also productive in fisheries and other aquatic and marine resources.
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