The Municipal Government of Lingayen aims to provide quality, consistent, and efficient social services all geared toward genuine progress, in partnership with an active community.


Lingayen, the capital town of the great province of Pangasinan, a benchmark for good governance, with a self- sufficient economy powered by God-centered and law abiding people in a tourism-oriented and ecologically- balanced environment, emanating preeminence, pride and progress.

Contact Info

#1 Bengson Street, Lingayen, Pangasinan, 2401

Phone: (075) 632-4337 Fax: (075) 632-4337 Email: lingayen.lnb[at]gmail.com

Phone Numbers

Mayor's Office(075) 632-4337
Lingayen Police(075) 206-0042
Fire Department(075) 542-7080
LDRRMO(075) 633-5702
DILG Office(075) 542-2396

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