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Inter-Barangay Christmas Carol Competition

I. Objective

The primary objective Inter-Barangay Christmas Carol Competition is to showcase different barangay’s singing talents and skills. And since this is in choir format, it also hopes to foster creativity in blending voices to produce elegant music, particularly Christmas songs.

II. Participants
1. The contest is open to all barangay singers/choir in Lingayen, Pangasinan
2. The singing group/choir shall be composed of ten (10) to fifteen (15) members only. The members may either be male or female, all male, or all female, regardless of sex orientation.
3. The voicing of the parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass) refers to the appropriate ranges as sung by a mixed (male and female) choir. It does not refer to the gender of the singers singing those parts, thus a
3. Only bonafide residents of the barangay shall compose the singing group/choir.
4. In case of newly transferred member, he/she should/must have stayed/resided in the barangay for not less than six (6) months. His/her residency should/must be vouched by the Barangay Chairman through a letter to be submitted to the concern contest committee not later than December 10, 2012.
5. Individuals who have joined/participated in any singing contest prior to the said contest are allowed to become member of the singing group/choir representing the barangay.
6. No entrance fee shall be required among the participants to be able to join the contest.

III. Mechanics
1. The participants are to perform Christmas songs.
2. The participants will have to prepare three (3) songs: two during the first round/elimination and one (1) during the final round where winners will be determined.
3. The participants are to render two songs –one slow song and one fast song during the elimination. Each song will have a minimum of three (3) minutes and maximum of five (5) minutes.
4. The song to be performed for the final round may either be fast or slow.
5. The songs shall be rendered in acapella or with no music accompaniment of any kind.
6. The barangay may hire a music teacher/mentor outside the barangay or non-resident of the barangay.
7. The music/song mentor shall not be allowed to come up on stage with the group. However, he may conduct in front of the stage.
8. The songs may either be in English or in Tagalog, both in English, or both in Tagalog.
9. After the first round, the scoring will again start from zero, disregarding the obtained score/percentage during the first round.
10. Judging for the final round shall use the same set of criteria for judging used in the first round/elimination.
11. Top 5 barangays with highest percentage earned during the first round/elimination will advance to the final round.
12. Drawing of lots shall be made to determine the sequence of the performance among participants on the contest day, December 28, 2019.

Criteria for judging
A. TECHNIQUE (Intonation, Diction, Choral Blend and Balance) – 40%
B. ARTISTRY AND MUSICALITY (Interpretation, Expression and Style) – 25%

All winners of the Inter-Barangay Christmas Carol Competition will receive the following.

• 1st Place Php. 10,000
• 2nd Place Php. 7,000
• 3rd Place Php. 5,000
• Consolation Php. 2,000
• Consolation Php. 2,000
• Consolation Php. 2,000

Official Website Lingayen Municipality, Province of Pangasinan