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Key points from Pres Duterte’s press conference: (March 12, 2020)

1. Provincial quarantine if more than 2 positive COVID-19 cases

2. Work in executive dept. is suspended, except for skeletal staff

3. Flexible work arrangement encouraged in private sector. Manufacturing and retail businesses encouraged to stay open with social distancing and minimal work force

4. Mass public transport shall continue operation with social distancing

5. Domestic air, sea and land transport suspended from March 15, 2020 (12 midnight) to April 14, 2020, subject to the review of inter-agency task force.

6. Code alert is now raised to Sublevel 2, highest level

7. Stringent social distancing measures in NCR for 30 days

8. Suspension of classes in all levels in Metro Manila until April 12, 2020. Stay at home and study

9. Mass gatherings, either planned or spontaneous,…shall be prohibited during this period. If social distancing is no longer obeyed, if rules are disobeyed, this is punishable under the penal code and can be arrested by military and police

10. Community quarantine is hereby imposed in the entire of Metro Manila

11. In other areas, LGUs can impose localized quarantine

12. Baranggay-wide quarantine is advised if there are 2 or more COVID-19 cases

13. Municipality or city wide quarantine advised if 2 positive COVID-19 cases or more

14. Not enough military and police to cover the whole country. Barangay Captain is the police. Bgy. Captain can also go to prison if they don’t enforce these regulations.

15. Close monitoring and reassessment of these regulations after 7 days from today

16. LGUs outside NCR advised to exercise sound discretion to suspend classes, but does not allow you to suspend classes for trivial reasons

17. PNP and AFP shall be called upon for effective and orderly implementation of above measures. This is not martial law. Do not be afraid of the PNP and AFP. They are there to help you.

18. Daily meetings of Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) and all relevant agencies

19. In social disturbance, military will keep order

20. OFWs allowed to travel to Mainland China except to Hubei

21. If things detrioriate, we may have to ask for China’s help

22. Entry travel restriction imposed to all countries with COVID-19 cases, exept for Filipinos and their families, permanent visa holders and diplomats

23. Purpose of this is to protect and defend you from COVID-19

24. AFP and PNP will maintain peace and order. Just follow.

25. Our COVID-19 cases relatively low but fast to rise. You will be asked to go to the hospital and seek treatment.

26. COVID-19 tests are free

27. I ask for your patience. Help each other. Everything is placed in jeopardy.

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