The local Government Unit of Lingayen has launched a drive to encourage fishermen to secure business and mayor’s permits and have their boats registered.

Since the first week of January, the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) has been visiting coastal barangays to redouble efforts on the registration of fishing boats this year.

Municipal Agriculturist Dr. Rodolfo Dela Cruz appealed to all owners and operators of passenger-cargo motorized banca to register their vessels to avoid much bigger penalties if they happen to meet an accident. He declares that MAO has compelled 74 units of motorized banca to register. Registration fee is PhP800.00, good for the entire year.

The Dela Cruz emphasizes the importance of registration, they are doing continuous extensive monitoring of fishermen within the town who have not registered yet. As of now, a large number of fishermen remain unregistered, he added.

The registration enables the legality of fishermen in this town. MAO then reminded that aside from the said registration, fishermen still need to abide maritime laws, rules and regulations at all times. Violation of these laws and policies will mean automatic revoking or suspension of their registration.

Residents of Lingayen who are into fishing were reminded bybthe authorities to register for their own good and protection. (MIO)

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