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The local government unit of Lingayen thru Vice Mayor Judy Vargas- Quiocho continues to appeal to the public to donate books and other reading materials to the Lingayen Public Library for the benefit of the students and the youth within the municipality.

The program tahged as “Para sa Bata, Para sa Bayan: Book Donations for Lingayen,” the Quiocho asks everyone, including the civil society organizations and various institutions, as well as private individuals, to extend their generosity by donating any reading materials, such as books, magazines, pamphlets or newsletters that contain educational and trivial information that can be beneficial to everyone.

According to the Vice Mayor, education for the youth is the priority of LGU Lingayen. She says that inculcating the value of good education and the importance of the pursuit of knowledge is the best legacy that can be left to the youth.

One of the many goals of Mayor Leopoldo Bataoil’s administration is to give the youth free access to educational reading materials and one way of achieving this is through the public library, she added.

The lady vice mayor is grateful that Mayor Bataoil is very supportive to the said program. The good mayor is the type of a man who does not hesitate to go for any endeavor that can help his constituents, she stressed.

Aside from the book donation, another program that the Municipal library is currently advocating is the Printing Service for students. This gives free printing services for any documents needed by the students within the municipality of Lingayen.

A student is limited to 10 pages per day and up to 30 pages per month, although this quantity can be increased if the student brings in plastic bottles in exchange for the printing of the additional pages. Students are required to show proof that they are bonafide residents of Lingayen and currently enrolled to avail the said services. (MIO)

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