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The heart of the province boasts of so many attractions- from the unruffled places, its delectable goods, to its beautiful populace.

People from all walks of life delight in the picturesque baywalk as their favorite hangout spot. The grandiose Casa Real, a national historical landmark, awaits its completion and its guests. The stunning Provincial Capitol Complex houses the best Capitol and the best Cultural Center in the Philippines, and offers the best place for promenade in the province. More so, the central business district now brags of order and progress, and not to mention, of the tastiest bagoong.

At present, the local government unit of Lingayen, in partnership with the higher government units, an active community as well as with the private entities, is gearing towards achieving its vision of being a benchmark for good governance- bestowing pride, progress, and preeminence as Pangasinan’s capital town.

Despite all these, Lingayen, being Pangasinan’s capital remains rather underrated. This undertaking is, thus, another effort on the part of your Municipal Government to promote not only the endeavors it has been doing for the town, but most significantly, to extol every single thing and being that composes its beautiful existence.

This website was contemplated as a platform to inculcate pride among its people merely for being citizens of the municipality, to make other people fall in love with all it has to proffer, and to lead everyone to look back and come back to our wonders.

Taking into account the current efforts being done on top of it being the synergy between the government and its people, it is safe to say that Lingayen is not that far from its envisioned goal. Our town has all the potentials to be even lovelier and more progressive, and we will do our best to reach our best.

To our locals, this is to spark you to keep up with your cooperation and involvement in our common quest for genuine and sustainable growth and development.

To our would-be guests, I personally encourage you to visit and enjoy our place responsibly. With all that we have and we are yet to offer, I am sure you will find more than a few reasons to come back.

To the best that is soon to come, Arangkada, Lingayen!

Mayor Leopoldo N. Bataoil

Official Website Lingayen Municipality, Province of Pangasinan