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Municipal Employees of Lingayen receive Free Bibles January 21, 2020

A Bible sharing led by Mayor Leopoldo Bataoil was conducted yesterday, January 21, 2020, in front of the Municipal Hall. Three missionaries, Rev. Mark Smith from USA, Pastor Froy Medina from Baguio City and Rev. Bishop Nestor Soriano from Taguig, served as speakers of the program as part of the National Bible Month Celebration.

The Bible sharing aims to instill God in the minds and hearts of municipal employees. The missionaries were saddened that the world is getting fast-paced and materialistic. People nowadays are busy with so many material things, amassing wealth, going from place to place, tinkering gadgets, swimming in carnal activities and seem to be busy with everything, except with God.

Rev. Smith emphasized the importance of the Holy Bible. He cited that many people, Christians or otherwise, possess at least one Bible at home. The problem is they are not reading it, not even opening it, he added. Thus, he reiterated that the Holy Book should not be just displayed; it should be read regularly. He also advised the audience that they should not do passive reading. Instead, they should put what they read in their heart. It’s not religion that can save anyone but his or her relationship with God, and that’s why reading the Bible with sincerity is important, he added.

Rev. Medina agreed and appealed that the Bible should be use in order to know God very well and understand His love for mankind. The Holy Book should not be treated like ordinary reading materials because It contains the Words of God, Mefina said. It must be read with consistency and sincerity, otherwise it becomes just an ornament at home.

As a closing, Rev. Medina said that he admires Mayor Batoil even more because his nickname is Pol, which means “A person of learning.”

The program was followed by the distribution of the Holy Bible to the employees led by Mayor Bataoil and missionary visitors. (MRBL/MIO)

📸 by Robert Anoc

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