The capital town of the premiere province of Pangasinan is definitely no less than the province it is a part of.

As a kickstarter, in terms of tourist attractions, Lingayen is a home to stunning views, delectable foods, and perky fests.

Among its major tourist attractions include:

The Sison Auditorium is the Cultural Center of the province. Its grand structure accommodates both social and cultural events.

The Lingayen Beach and Baywalk which offers a free, tranquil, and scenic spot for all families, friendships, and other groups’ gathering. It is also a perfect place for deep thoughts. Likewise, it has been known as a favorite site for pictorials.
The restored Casa Real, a national historical landmark, which houses the Provincial Museum. Literally the “royal house,” it is one of the oldest public buildings which served as the provincial seat of government in Pangasinan during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines.
The Pangasinan Provincial Capitol Building has been dubbed as the “Best Provincial Capitol in the Philippines” for its magnificent beauty.
The Urduja Palace, named after the legendary Pangasinan warrior Princess Urduja, serves as the provincial governor’s official residence and guest house.
The Sison Auditorium is the Cultural Center of the province. Its grand structure accommodates both social and cultural events.
The Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center, as the name implies is a venue for both local, regional, and national sports and civic activities.

The Lingayen Town Plaza, located at the town proper and in front of the Municipal Hall, is not only a landmark but a showcase of the capital town’s wonder.
Colegio del Santissimo Rosario Ruins, now part of a private property, used to be an exclusive school for girls ran by Dominican sisters. It was constructed in 1890.

The Limahong Channel and Tourism Center is being groomed to be a world-class river cruise and tourism park. This attraction was named after Chinese Corsair Limahong who dug a channel in Domalandan, Lingayen to escape the Spanish colonizers.
The Veterans Memorial Park is an open-air museum that shelters World War II relics and memorabilia including the Mac Arthur Landing Marker.
  Epiphany of Our Lord Parish, formerly called the Three Kings Parish, is one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in the country.
Bike Trail at Eco Tourism Park situated at Limahong Channel

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